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(CAD) CAD & AM Engineering - Update 1

Numeric Fields Onshape incorporates numeric fields in almost every design action involved in Part Modelling (Sketch and Feature workspace environment), Assembly and Drawings with support of the following numeric values: Integers Decimals Expressions Trigonometric functions It is...


Am I Compatible with Onshape?

Am I compatible with Onshape? The short answer is, yes you are. One of the fundamental purposes of Onshape is to allow CAD operators to use a professional CAD software without the need of expensive computer hardware and the worry of storage shortage. Although Onshape has technically achieved...


(CAD) Tips for Working Faster with Onshape

Onshape is a great software that provides you with mobility, easy access and a very user friendly environment that can easily fool you into thinking you are not using a highly professional Mechanical CAD system at first encounter. But not only you do but it constantly evolves and at the same...


(3DP) Can 3D Printing Bridge the Gap

In a time where technological progress is seemingly driven by the digital's world services, 3D printing has brought to both manufacturing and the broader engineering world a much-needed attention. A pillar of human existence, manufacturing had its heydays enjoyed during the industrial...


(3DP) An Oxymoron of Mass Customisation: 3D Printing Is Not a Hype but a Skill

Yes, the reality is that 3D printing is simply a manufacturing tool, nothing more nothing less. In fact, when being compared to its subtractive manufacturing counterparts (e.g. lase cutting), and strictly to obtain a finished structure, currently traditional technologies don’t have much to feel...


(CAD) Defining Your Sketch

When using Onshape or any other CAD 3D modelling software is a good practice to fully define your sketch before transforming it into a solid part. But why, is it really that important? Ok, picture the following scenario. You are putting a bookcase together. You managed to screw the main...